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Baked With Love

Love in the Oven Bakery is a fully licensed bakery operating out of Fargo, ND making baked greats since 2010. We provide top notch baked goods, made from scratch and no mysterious ingredients.  Just the essential ingredients for bringing great flavor, texture and happiness to any and all occasions. 


We specialize in weddings, corporate parties and gifting, wholesale for local restaurants as well as anything where a little sweetness brightens up the occasion!

Who's in the Kitchen

From measuring to decorating to being a small business owner, every step brings joy. We've created a bakery where everything is fresh and made just for you.

Using high quality ingredients and the little made-from-scratch touches really make these baked goods something special.

All of our packaging is biodegradable as we work to minimize our negative impact on our environment because Earth is pretty dang awesome.


Enjoy and thank you for your business!

- Casey Steele, Owner & Baker Lady

- Mandy Andrie - Baker