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Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets

Crisp 2" chocolate shell filled with a creamy, smooth mix of seedless raspberry puree and semi-sweet chocolate. Finished with a fresh raspberry. Decadent!

$16.00 per dozen

Mini Pies

3" pies offered in a variety of flavors made with homemade vanilla and fresh fruit or nuts. A delicious option for a homemade feel at your wedding or event!

$36.00 per dozen


dutch caramel apple

browned butter bourbon pecan


coconut cream

French silk

key lime

mincemeat (seasonal)

peach (seasonal)


strawberry-rhubarb (seasonal)

Apple Crisp

Another delicious yet homey option, full of tart-sweet apples, spices, butter, and caramel with a crunchy crumble top!

$35.00 per pan

All orders require at least a 14-day notice

Our baked treats are made-to-order, so nothing sits on a shelf! Please email us with your order inquiry so we can check for availability.

Minimum Order Amount


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