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$9.75 per 16- 2" squares


Fudgy Original, Caramel or Raspberry.

We've got you covered.

$9.75 per 16- 2" squares

peanut butter

Maximum amount of peanut butter & crunchy goodness.  

$9.75 per 16- 2" squares


Vanilla cookie bar with walnuts and white chocolate chips. That homemade vanilla really seals the deal.

$9.75 per 16- 2" squares

chocolate pb cup

Chocolate & peanut butter cookie chock-full of peanut butter cups and chocolate chips

$9.75 per 16- 2" squares

peanut butter chocolate bars

Take chocolate.  Add more chocolate and some coffee.  Now we're talking.

$9.75 per 16- 2" squares


Buttery and soft cookie baked in cinnamon sugar.  A classic done just right.

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