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gluten-friendly & vegan

Price listed below each item
GF = Gluten-Friendly

V = Vegan

Bars: 16 - 2" squares

Cookies: Dozen

Gluten-friendly (GF):
Chocolate, red velvet, or vanilla round cakes and standard-size cupcakes also available

Vegan (V):
Vanilla standard-size cupcakes also available

Inquire for pricing for GF/V items at hello@loveintheovenbaker

Please note: Even though we use gluten-free flour and sugar, we operate in a shared commercial kitchen and all our equipment at some point has been in contact with gluten. This makes these GF products gluten-friendly only and not safe for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.


crispy peanut buttery cookies

GF & V



extra chocolatey. brownie inspired. cookie shaped.




midwestern classic of sweet peanut butter coated rice cereal topped with chocolate and butterscotch




spice and everything nice without the dairy and gluten-based flour or sugar

GF & V



fresh lemony custard atop a gluten-friendly shortbread crust




fudgy, moist brownies topped with a vegan chocolate buttercream

GF & V


All orders require at least a 14-day notice

Our baked treats are made-to-order, so nothing sits on a shelf! Please email us with your order inquiry so we can check for availability.

Minimum Order Amount


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